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High quality, long-lasting aluminum screen enclosures are a great option to gain another usable room onto your home.

We  custom make your dream enclosure and transform that patio into a great living space. Call Today! 404-867-7681

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Our framing is all extruded aluminum custom-made with a baked on enamel finish. All parts, which we cut on-site, are always bolted together, never srewed in place. We’ll use NO PLASTIC PARTS on your project. Our hardware is made from top-grade extruded aluminum for maximum strength and weather-ability.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a permanent installation where the material must be affixed to a deck or patio.

UnderDec k Ceiling Systems

When you want to feel the fresh outdoor air within the comforts of your own home, a screened porch provides the perfect combination of open-air construction and enclosed outdoor space.

Whether you need a screened porch built from scratch or you want to turn an existing open porch into a screened enclosure room, we have the knowledge, designers, materials, and expertise to assist homeowners throughout the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

Some of the many benefits of our screened porch designs and enclosure construction include:

  • A variety of colors and patterns

  • Durable construction that can handle wind, extreme temperatures and storms

  • Screen enclosure rooms provide a great barrier against mosquitoes and other pests

Our decades of experience with thousands of customers in the Atlanta area, our screened porch team is able to handle virtually any job, from building a screened porch from the ground up, to attaching a screened enclosure and/or roof to an existing concrete slab, to anchoring a screened porch to a wooden deck.

From Underdecking to Screened Enclosures, we’ve got you covered.